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For more than 15 years, Alfin-Edimet has been successfully issuing technical magazines and books for the metal industry, which efficiently provide up-to-date, in-depth information for the most demanding parties and are indispensable communication vehicles for selected, qualified partners. Four periodicals also online, several technical books, up-to-date directories, a dedicated international portal and the organisation of exhibitions and events for the various branches of the industry are offered by Alfin-Edimet for a thorough study of the problems related to the world of metals and more specifically to aluminium.

> Magazines
Alfin-Edimet’s periodicals exhaustively deal with the metal industry and relevant technologies, especially as concerns aluminium. These publications circulate worldwide and address a highly qualified, international public.
AL-Aluminium and its alloys, appearing in two languages, Italian and English, is Alfin-Edimet’s historic journal and an irreplaceable reference for those wanting to learn everything that is relevant in the world of aluminium.
P&TF-Diecasting & Foundry Techniques addresses the universe of foundry, dedicating great space to producers of machines and plants, equipment, accessories, materials and products for foundry and diecasting.
Periodically Metalriciclo News, official publication of the exhibition about the recovery and recycling of the ferrous and non ferrous metals, is published.

> Directories
Alfin-Edimet issues four fully updated directories providing information on the world’s extrusion industry, the international diecasting industry, the Italian foundry system and the network of Italian suppliers and distributors of non-ferrous metals.

> Books
Alfin-Edimet issues fully updated directories providing information on the world’s extrusion industry, the international diecasting industry, the Italian foundry system and the network of Italian suppliers and distributors of non-ferrous metals.


> Exhibitions
Alfin-Edimet, the multimedial network of the world of metals, is also in the forefront in promoting events, meetings and conferences for the various branches of the industry.

An event of outstanding significance is undoubtedly Metef, one of the world’s more important exhibitions for the aluminium industry and its major branches: diecasting, casting, extrusion, rolling.

The steady growth trend of this biennial event began with its first edition in 1997 and is mostly due to the international renown it was able to acquire by entering into a profitable collaboration with the trade associations of the interested markets and with the support of such associations as AIM, AITAL, Qualital, Amafond, Assiral, Assofond, Assomet, Centroal, Cemafon, EAA, Estal, Face, ITA, OEA, Uncsaal.

Concurrent with the international aluminium exhibition, Foundeq Europe, a show of machinery, equipment and products of the ferrous and non-ferrous metal foundry, is held

Since 2006 Alfin-Edimet organises Metalriciclo, international exhibition on technologies for the recovery and recycling of ferrous and non ferrous metals, dedicated to plants, machinery, equipment and products for the recovery, recycling and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap. The fourth edition of Metalriciclo will be joined by Recomat, international exhibition for the recovery and recycling of industrial materials, environmental quality, energy efficiency.

Other event of great relevance, organised by Alfin-Edimet, is Alumotive, international exhibition dedicated to innovative, components and technological materials for original equipment for the transport industry.

> Portal
Founded in 2001, aluplanet.com is the synthesis of Metef, the world aluminium exhibition, and Alfin-Edimet Spa, the publishing company specialising in technical and financial information on metals.
Aluplanet.com is today the reference portal for information on aluminium, its applications and recycling with an annual average of more than 700,000 visits in 2008. 35% of visitors have remained loyal, almost 40% of surfers are from abroad and, in addition, aluplanet.com is permanently in the leading positions of the search engines in particular of Google for its experience of 8 year in the aluminium sector.
Aluplanet.com today presents itself richer with a new homepage and many updated contents:

  • Company Database of aluminium industry
  • technical and market information
  • daily news
  • approximate non ferrous metals prices
  • technical analysis
  • photo gallery
  • calendar of international appointments dedicated to the world of metals.

The portal offers effective on-line communication tools for all operators in the metals sector and is a useful means for strengthening the web marketing activities conducted by individual companies.

> CD-Rom
Alfin-Edimet is distributing exclusive of the guides on CD-Rom Alken on the extrusion and lamination


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